Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year!

Happy new year to everyone. I've been looking forward to 2011 for many reasons: to continue on program, to read more books in '11 than in 2010, to continue to stay in touch with friends and not bail-out when I don't feel like going out. And a variety of other reasons.

It's 01/01/11 but I haven't finished a book yet - talk about pressure. ♥

I'm starting the year with an old classic, Woodiwiss' THE WOLF AND THE DOVE - it's part of one of my challenges - but I won't have much chance to read today as I'll be leaving in an hour to spend the day with a friend. Chinese lunch (my last my-bad meal for a very long time) then back to her apartment to watch videos. Watched "The Expendables" (I♥JasonStatham) and "Hunt To Kill" at a party last night - today it'll probably be chick-flicks. Call me shallow but give me a sweaty hunk with a big, noisy gun.

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