Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Weather

Tail end of N'oreaster moving out this morning. I'm off work this week so there's no rush to clean off the car. Book due at library today but I'm not finished yet, and I'm not going out in this weather so for the first time in my life I'll have to pay a fine.

I'll be updating the Challenges page some time today, adding a challenge and editing a couple of others. 2011 is just around the corner so I'd better get my act together.

I feel like cataloguing books today but I really need to finish my book - it's been a dreadful reading month. Only two books finished, three if I can wind up this Jim Butcher today.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Busy Time Of Year

I've hardly been reading this month - finished only 2 books this month. Like everyone else, the joy and craziness of this holiday season has taken over my free time, and I'm looking forward to the new year when things are back to normal.

I was given two gift certificates to Barnes & Noble for Christmas but I'll wait for next year to spend them. Nancy Martin's new "Roxy" book is coming out early in 2011, can't wait for it!

I'm still working on updating my '11 Challenges. Need information from my friend so I can add her selections to my "homework" challenge. I fell flat on my face with this year's book homework from her. She did much, much better with the books or authors I assigned to her. She rediscovered Nora Roberts' single titles which thrilled me, but she still hasn't tried Tara Janzen. She was iffy about reading the Stephanie Bond body movers books but ended up reading them all back to back.

Less than two weeks to finish the two library books I have checked out. They're good - get going, girl.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2011 Reading Challenges

2011 Reading Challenges - maybe I'm being too optimistic but . . . . .

Harlequin-Silhouette Challenge

Book With A Relationship In The Title (mother, father, brother, etc.)
Father Of The Brat/Elizabeth Bevarly (Silhouette Desire) finished 01/13/11

Book With A Weather Condition In Title (Rain, Snow, Storm, etc)
Snowbound With The Bodyguard/Carla Cassidy

Book With An Occupation In The Title (Cop, Nurse, Doctor, etc)
Cowboy Vet/Pamela Britton (Harlequin American) finished 02/07/11

Book With The Author's Last Name Beginning With 'C')
Colorado Cowboy/C. C. Coburn - Harlequin American) finished 02/10/11

(Book With A Name In The Title (Mary, Sam, Susan, Jack, etc)
Emma's War/Lucy Montgomery (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

Cozy Mystery Challenge (13 books)
01. Murder Of A Small Town Honey, Denise Swanson 01/2011
02. The PMS Murder, Laura Levine 02/2011
03. Murder By Pantyhouse, Laura Levine 02/2011

Anthology-a-Month Challenge
01. That Summer Place - Macomber/Wiggs/Barnett 01/07/11
02. A Regency Valentine - Beverley/Grey/Dunn/Simonson/Fitzgerald 02/04/11

I'm In The Mood For A Threesome (wink wink)
aka Reading Some Trilogies
to be updated as I go

Finish A Series Challenge:
Laura Levine "Jaine Austen" Series:
This Pen for Hire - read 2010
Last Writes - read 2010
Killer Blonde - read 2010
Shoes To Die For - read 2010
The PMS Murder - read 2011
Death by Pantyhose - read 2011
The Danger of Candy Canes (ss)- read 2010
Killing Bridezilla
Killer Cruise
Death of a Trophy Wife
The Dangers of Gingerbread Cookies (ss) - read 2010

New Author A Month Challenge
01. January - DARK EYE/William Bernhardt - Fiction 01/09/11
02. February - Sophia Nash, C. C. Coburn - 02/11/11

Books I've Postponed Read For Way Too Long:
The Wolf And The Dove - Kathleen Woodiwiss
River Of Eden - Glenna McReynolds
Slow Heat In Heaven - Sandra Brown
Whitney, My Love - Judith McNaught
Shards Of Honor - Lois McMaster Bujold

Linda's Homework Assignments
Virgin River
Shelter Mountain
Whispering Rock
A Virgin River Christmas
Second Chance Pass
Temptation Ridge
Paradise Valley
"Under The Christmas Tree" ss (That Holiday Feeling)
Forbidden Falls
Angel's Peak
Moonlight Road
"Sheltering Hearts" ss (More Than Words)
"Midnight Confessions" ss (Midnight Kiss)

Reading Year 2010

Since I haven't commented since March 2009, a quick overview is due. I discovered a number of new-to-me authors in the last 21 months: zipped through the Tara Janzen "Steele Street" series last year; read all of Nancy Martin's "Blackbird Sisters"; discovered Coben's Myron Bolitar books; Tim Downs blew me away even though I've only read the first in his Bug Man series; discovered Craig Johnson's mountain man mysteries, very different kind of hero, looking forward to reading more the series.

Reconnected with the Harlequin Blazes in the summer of '09 and along with the HPs, I buy the Blazes every month; still buying some other categories but only by author, but recently I've been buying more fiction or romantic suspense than historical romances. Tastes change through the years, I guess.

Still going strong with PaperbackSwap, though my Shelf is on hold during the holidays. I've also been culling the book collection - so far in 2010 I've given away or donated 587 books. That's the size of the TBR for some people but it's just a drop in the bucket in my house. Kinda scary, isn't it?

I'm Back!

After losing my p/w, losing my mind, and going through the stress of trying to recover the blog, here I am: totally by accident. No way will I lose the information I need to keep going.