Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Weather

Tail end of N'oreaster moving out this morning. I'm off work this week so there's no rush to clean off the car. Book due at library today but I'm not finished yet, and I'm not going out in this weather so for the first time in my life I'll have to pay a fine.

I'll be updating the Challenges page some time today, adding a challenge and editing a couple of others. 2011 is just around the corner so I'd better get my act together.

I feel like cataloguing books today but I really need to finish my book - it's been a dreadful reading month. Only two books finished, three if I can wind up this Jim Butcher today.


Yvonne said...

We're still getting the storm here. We must have 18 inches of snow. There was no way I could get my car out to go to work. They haven't even plowed the streets yet.

So, I'm joining more challenges for 2011 - I should really be reading.

Gail said...

What are the new challenges you joined?