Sunday, December 19, 2010

Busy Time Of Year

I've hardly been reading this month - finished only 2 books this month. Like everyone else, the joy and craziness of this holiday season has taken over my free time, and I'm looking forward to the new year when things are back to normal.

I was given two gift certificates to Barnes & Noble for Christmas but I'll wait for next year to spend them. Nancy Martin's new "Roxy" book is coming out early in 2011, can't wait for it!

I'm still working on updating my '11 Challenges. Need information from my friend so I can add her selections to my "homework" challenge. I fell flat on my face with this year's book homework from her. She did much, much better with the books or authors I assigned to her. She rediscovered Nora Roberts' single titles which thrilled me, but she still hasn't tried Tara Janzen. She was iffy about reading the Stephanie Bond body movers books but ended up reading them all back to back.

Less than two weeks to finish the two library books I have checked out. They're good - get going, girl.

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