Sunday, December 14, 2008

Having More Than One Book Started

No matter how many times I vow to read one book at a time I invariably find myself juggling up to three - something I never used to do in the past but it's become a nasty habit of late. I usually bring the smallest (or lightest) book to work where I can read before work and during lunch, and spend some evening time with the other book(s), especially in this colder weather it's cozy and comfy curling up under the covers with a great read.

Right now I'm reading an older SIL Desire (from 1995) as well as a Kristin Hannah hardcover from the library. Also being read is THE LAST HELLION (Loretta Chase), a December comfort read for the past few years. Some would debate the positives of rereading favorite books but I truly enjoy the knowing-what-to-expect from an old favorite - this is really important after reading an absolutely WONDERFUL book because you know nothing you pick up next will come up to scratch, you'll have that let-down feeling after riding the high. Zeroing in on a comfort read guarantees a smooth transition from previous book to next book. Hehehe, if you're reading this blog but aren't a reader you probably have no idea what I'm talking about but believe it when I say avid readers will absolutely know the feeling.

So, now I meander downstairs, make a fresh pot of coffee, and pick up one of my books - I wonder which of them I will finish first? Better yet, I wonder what my next reading triumvirate will be. Oh please: let me break the habit.........

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